Ping... Pong


A dream commission landed in my lap... a custom table-tennis table. I want one. My wife tells me I can have one when we’ve done renovating the house.

With no expense spared, the table features maple, brass and pigskin details. The surface is made from a maple veneer stained in a custom bluish teal to match the rug, with solid maple inlay for the court-markings.

Concealed at each end are drawers fitted with machined high-density foam to snugly house the balls, bats and net. The brass upstand on the net is custom-made by Powersurge, and is finished with a pigskin hide and canvas net.

The legs are solid turned maple that are braced with solid brass bars. For the finish we used a water-based poly coating with low odour and low VOC.

The table was created with precision CNC machining and fine handcraft by our mastercraftman Don Kolisnyk. Looks like I better get on with those renos...

Phillip BadgerComment